Saturday, 26 May 2012

thought i'd go for a steam-punky design for my last entry in creature design challenge :)
another oorlark concept

the process:

scan my sketch..

then i add flat color and tone

then i add texture and more detail :)
final for an oorlark:he's getting chased!


Pencil sketch (from my sketchbook>scan>photoshop) ;then  Colour on separate layer

                                              Tone plus detail,then little texture

Start to work on putting my creature in a place/scene/background. I started by just “sketching” with color and then used reference pictures like forrest and caves.

 I finish by adding some reflective light and speedlines :)

final image of shayal concept:

the process:
This one was all done digitally from start to finish  :D and as with all my painting ,it was done with my mouse J                 
First thing I usually start with is the head when I’m painting like this cos I love painting them!

In a way the head defined how the rest of the body would work out, I did have a picture of a hunch back creature though 

I’ve clearly seen what its going to look like so I just start adding more tone .

Then  I continue painting I see other things that can be added so I do!

After lots of experimentations with layers of background colours n stuff, I settled for this J  

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

did this sketch today at work..with a mouse!..well..all of my paintings are done with mouses anyways..
i wasnt sure where i was going with this but i thought of focusing on the head first(after a rough idea of the pose).The first theme that came to mind was like a tribal warrior type character(thats why there's that braided hair on its head) but i just turned to mecha instead(dont know why..maybe i saw more potentials?) moving on! i'm thinking of making him like a marine character maybe? we'll leave it there for now :~)